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Tarmac Driveways

As you probably know, tarmac is a material used for a variety of different surfaces, from roads, to playgrounds, to sports playing surfaces and it’s also one of the most popular choices for those wanting a new driveway. 

Leeds tarmac Driveway with paving border

Low Maintenance 

One of tarmac’s main advantages is that it is low maintenance. It is very easy to keep clean and looking as good as the first day it was installed. Simply sweep off debris and give it a light pressure wash from time to time. No need for lengthy, complicated maintenance routines and repairs. 

Advantages of Tarmac

  • Low maintenance

  • Anti-slip

  • Weed resistant

  • Hard wearing

  • Gives curb appeal

  • Cost effective compared to other surfacing options


Tarmac driveway Leeds
Leeds Driveways


We always recommend that you don't drive on your newly laid Tarmac drive for at least three days as this is when the surface will be at it's softest and any vehicle movement (such as turning tyres) could lead to a scuff in the surface. Walking on the surface is fine after one hour. 

High pressure washing should always be avoided on Tarmac surfaces as this can loosen the aggregates and binding sand. 
It is always best to use a simple moss cleaner (if necessary) then gently rinse with a hosepipe/low pressure washer.


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